Cryptocurrency markets often move in response to various factors, including the sentiments and predictions of industry analysts. Recently, prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez predicted a bearish Ethereum (ETH) price. This sparked reactions within the crypto community as they are now turning towards a new ICO in Stage 8 of its presale called Everlodge, which experts have pegged as the next 30x token in 2024. Let’s find out more.

Ethereum Price Prediction

According to Ali Martinez, Ethereum (ETH) has recently seen 200,000 ETH tokens (valued at around $460M) transferred to crypto exchange wallets. This transfer increase may cause the Ethereum price to experience volatility and significant changes soon. At this time, the Ethereum crypto is trading hands at $2,322 – a 4.31% rise from its price of $2,230 on December 21.

The technical analysis points to a bullish sentiment for Ethereum, as 29 technical indicators are in the green. Because of this, CoinCodex analysts forecast that the Ethereum price may reach $2,463 in January 2024.

However, the uncertainty surrounding Ethereum is high at the moment. We will have to wait to determine if these large transfers dramatically impact Ethereum’s price. Therefore, many traders are gravitating to a new ICO that may be more stable and with a higher growth ceiling.

Everlodge (ELDG): One Of The Best DeFi Coins

Everlodge (ELDG) is a crypto ICO that could disrupt markets. With its innovative features, it has the potential to reign supreme in the real estate market (valued at over $280T). Essentially, Everlodge will be the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world luxurious villas, hotels, and more.

This innovative approach will solve many issues found on other real estate investment platforms. For instance, compared to conventional real estate investments, NFTs offer enhanced liquidity. Everlodge will let you trade these NFTs on secondary markets, potentially facilitating faster entry and exit strategies.What makes them the best NFTs to buy is also the fact that these NFTs are fractionalized. Therefore, if you buy just one piece of it for prices as low as $100, you will gain passive income when the actual property gets rented out or its value appreciates.

While the marketplace is the main attraction of this DeFi project, its team will also include other components in its ecosystem:

  • Lending: Marketplace property co-owners use property-backed NFTs as collateral, accessing short to medium-term loans.

  • Rewards Club: Members earn free stays at Everlodge properties, allowing for resale to generate additional income.

  • Launchpad: Unlock early access to upcoming projects in development, maximizing your potential return on investment (ROI).

The ELDG native token powers all these features and is used as the primary payment currency on Everlodge. Holding this token will bring you passive income via staking and discounts on trading fees. It is now worth just $0.027 in Stage 8 of its presale. Demand is high as over 12M tokens have been sold already, and early buyers are enjoying a 170% ROI.

If you wish to purchase it, now is the perfect time, as Everlodge offers a 10% deposit bonus. It may be the best crypto investment, with predictions of a 3,000% price pump after ELDG launches and hits exchanges.


While Ethereum faces challenges, Everlodge may capitalize as its interest grows daily. It also gains a competitive edge if we look at its market cap, which now sits at $14.3M – drastically lower than Ethereum’s $279B. This means that ELDG will only need $14.3M for its current price to double, bringing significant returns to buyers at a faster rate. Because of this, Everlodge looks to be the best DeFi crypto.

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