5 Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Creating a space that is a reflection of your tastes and personalities may take some time, but it’s important to plan early, especially when taking into account getting a return on your investment.

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Jesse Davies

One of my favourite quotes is “leave it better than you found it”. This saying certainly rings true with a new home purchase and will inspire a multitude of possibilities for renovations, upgrades and minor changes that you can make to your home. Creating a space that is a reflection of your tastes and personalities may take some time, but it’s important to plan early, especially when taking into account getting a return on your investment. There are a few tried and tested methods to take into account when planning your home renovation, either to prepare your home for resale or for your own pleasure, that will increase appeal, impress potential buyers and encourage a higher sale price.

With the global pandemic, a lot of our sellers are reaching out asking what they can do to their home to increase value with all the spare time on their hands. The Jesse Davies Team is recommending the 5 top considerations when it comes to upgrading your home- whether you’re preparing to sell or looking for a freshen up.


  1. Curb appeal: Often overlooked, curb appeal offers homeowners the chance to wow people before they even step foot in your home. Upgrading stucco, incorporating different materials like stone, wood and rocks, replacing, touching up, cleaning gutters and downspouts, painting your front door is a statement colour or custom wood creates a great first impression as buyers enter your home. Smaller jobs like replacing old hardware, updating outdoor lighting, replacing your mailbox or adding symmetry with two topiaries flanking the doorway will also make all the difference, on a budget!

Here is a great example below of a home one of our clients spent hours upgrading their curb appeal and it worked. After trying to sell for 4 months they invested some time on the curb appeal of their Lakeview Home in Calgary and we just recently got an offer after being on the market for 1 week:

  1. Upgrade your kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the whole house- it’s a gathering spot for family, friends and the hub for entertaining. Having a stylish kitchen is a priority for many, and remodelling one that is out-dated prior to listing will guarantee lots of impressed buyers. Replacing backsplash, countertops, refurbishing cabinetry, upgrading cabinets hardware, upgrading lighting and appliances are all guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Keeping it simple with neutral colours, subtle metals and statement lighting are all great starters when considering your options. Weighing the pros and cons of different countertop materials also should be considered. What is the advantage of marble vs. granite? Why do people choose quartz over granite? Educate yourself and make the best decision based on durability, functionality, and of course, personal taste. The Jesse Davies Team loves working with its clients and helping them make selections that are in trend and will add value to their home.
  2. Bathrooms: Same rule applies to bathrooms as they do kitchens. Not sure where to start? Have your trusted Calgary real estate agent lookup comparable properties in your area and see what those bathrooms look like, what they include and what they lack. Seeing the competition even before the listing is imperative to make your property stand out.

Think timeless when it comes to bathrooms, choose neutral colours for a clean and classic look that will stand the test of time. Add personality and pops of colour with elements that can easily be changed like accessories (bath towels, mats, floral and decorative pieces). Another key tip is to go the extra mile with upgrades. Have you wanted to update your bathroom floor tile? While you’re at it, might as well install in-floor heating. It’s a luxury attraction and will make your home stand out, especially for showings on those cold winter days.
Simple upgrades that pack a punch are updating the faucets and hardware. Tired of the shiny chrome? Update to classic polished nickel for a more classy and high-end choice. Change up your sconces to a modern style or switch up the cabinet colours and knobs. Adding bathrooms where possible may help to add value in homes that lack the total number of bathrooms and could add triple the cost of adding one.

  1. Create Space: open concepts are a common top priority for buyers in 2020. Open floor plans are more desirable than closed off layouts, and they are also much more accommodating for entertaining. If the opportunity arises to reconfigure your floor plan, take it! Hiring the necessary tradespeople is of utmost importance, especially when removing walls to make sure it is by code. This is definitely one of the higher cost upgrades, but the rewards could be massive.
  2. Landscaping: in 2020 the use of outdoor space at home has become an increasing priority with the global pandemic keeping families in their own backyards. The building, expanding or upgrading of your deck and outdoor space can add a lot of value. Home gardens are a growing trend as families try to become more independent so adding one will have buyers lining up to purchase your home.

We hope our tips inspire some of you to take the plunge on those upgrading projects you’ve wanted to do. When planning what to do next, it’s imperative to know who to trust and whom you can rely on when updating. Not sure who to hire for an amazing kitchen remodel? Don’t know a skilled craftsman that creates the best cabinetry? Contact us today for an exclusive list of professionals that we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past that we can attest for amazing quality and trustworthy results.

Call the Jesse Davies Team today! We’re always available and want to meet more people just like you. We’re your trusted Calgary realtors.



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