Mario Toneguzzi is a Troy Media reporter based in CalgaryA Europe-based investment and real estate development company is setting up a presence to build homes in the city inspired by the energy efficient passive house concept, Calgary’s Business has learned.

Marco Calignano, President and CEO of Calijus Investments & Business Management, said Calgary is one of the best regions in North America to build a green community. The plan is to build high-efficiency houses at an affordable price.

Calijus cited the annual quantity of sun in Calgary, market prices and the growing support for fighting climate change as reasons for investing here.

“With our focus on quality of life and environmental sustainability, we plan to create a community with at least 50 single-family villas on the same spectrum as passive homes, from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, containing two storeys and a livable attic. This last feature would be another unique and new concept here in Calgary,” said Calignano, who in the fall was selected by Forbes Under 30 among the best youngest leaders and startups in America.

Marco Calignano

“Our goal is to build at least 400 homes in four years in one neighbourhood and make it the first and biggest community ever entirely made with such high-performing homes, where the architecture of the homes is based in an indissoluble way with the design of the outdoor public areas and the surrounding nature, starting from the quality of the built environment, and seen in its entirety and complexity. We want it to be the first home that also acts as a green lung for the planet.”

He said Calgary is an ideal place for the company’s passive homes.

“During the winter Calgarians are obliged to turn on the heat most of the day in order to keep their house warm. The average Alberta home has a constant energy loss that can be up to 99 per cent – from floors, external walls, HVAC installations faults, roof and windows – particularly vulnerable to external temperatures.

“This is a bigger issue in North America than in Europe, for example, because the average home still contains a plywood envelope, consistent with envelope quality used in the post-war boom. This is not acceptable in a resourceful society such as ours and in one of the most modern regions of the world,” he said.

“Our one-of-a-kind thick envelope made using x-lam and natural fibre, creates the perfect insulation to keep the home’s temperature passive, helping people save from 67 per cent up to 90 per cent on their energy bills, and significantly reduce energy-waste and carbon emissions. 

“Considering macro-economic and micro-economic factors in Calgary’s current market, we will be the most price competitive. We are able to achieve this because our technology and European partnerships allow us to save on manufacturing costs, while ensuring we have the highest quality materials. Despite having a superior quality, we will in fact be at least 30 per cent more competitive, at the same quality as our competitors, if they are able to reach it. We are now, more than ever, open to partner with local developers and builders congruent with our vision, in order to provide Calgarians with the homes they deserve.”

Calijus provides investors with environmentally sustainable and innovative real estate opportunities. In the North American market, it builds passive houses for green and future-oriented communities.

Calignano said passive homes have the most efficient and strict standards for energy efficiency, very low maintenance costs, are environmentally sustainable, and guarantee the health of the residential environment. 

“This is possible through the use of a special envelope that regulates the internal temperature as efficiently as the human body does, with an imperceptible amount of energy. This envelope made using x-lam wood is produced by our Italian partner. It uses only 100 per cent sustainable materials, with no carcinogenic materials such as V.O.C and formaldehyde, used in average homes. The advanced technology, planning, and production allows us to get the most competitive price on the market for home with this quality.”

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